Erika Jungblut, Esq.

NJ Divorce and Family Law

Erika Jungblut has been practicing law for over a decade.  In 2014, she founded JUNGBLUT LAW, and has practiced divorce and family law ever since.  

Attorney Jungblut represents clients in an array of family law matters.  She is sensitive to what her clients are going through, but extremely tough when it comes to advocating for their legal rights.  Mrs. Jungblut has a calm demeanor that many of her clients have said provides them with comfort and reassurance.  It is her goal to resolve matters amicably, reasonably and cost-effectively.  When this type of resolution is not possible, Mrs. Jungblut does not hesitate to fight hard to protect her clients' rights.

Mrs. Jungblut's unique combination of professional and personal experiences, empathy, and legal knowledge, provide her with an unparalleled insight and approach to these delicate and complex issues.

Mrs. Jungblut grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and graduated from Teaneck High School.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College (2002) and her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School (2007).